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Evge Kalamata olive powder

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Kalamata olives are a protected designation of origin. This means that an olive can only be called a "Kalamata olive" if it really comes from the region.

EVGE has given these olives a completely new texture. In their finished state, Kalamata olives in particular are fleshy, juicy and firm to the bite, but that was not enough.

These olives were dried at low temperatures to lose all the moisture. Attention is also paid to the oil in the olives, as it must not be heat-treated, as this can affect the taste and texture.

After drying, the olives are ground into a coarse powder with an oily texture and bottled directly so that they do not draw any further moisture.


Evge Chalkidikis Olive Powder
Evge Chalkidikis Olive Powder
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